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Bicycles for Development Workshop: Mobilizing Policy Advocacy and Change Strategies

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Mobilizing Policy Advocacy and Change Strategies

Date: Tuesday, February 21st at 10:00 AM EST  

Hosts: Bicycles for Development Research Group

Platform: Zoom (virtual webinar)

In 2017, the first installment of the Bicycles for Development (BFD) research project was launched with the support of Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). From this research, three key findings were established that highlighted the bicycle as: 1) a means through which to access to healthcare, education and livelihoods; 2) a tool that promotes independence, self-learning and skill mastery; 3) an avenue to challenge mainstream cycling identities. At the same time, several challenges were highlighted, including: 1) bicycle infrastructure and safety; 2) gender inequality; 3) environmental conditions; and 4) government regulations. In turn, some of the key recommendations from this research included: 1) more clearly focusing on developing policies that create and/or improve bicycle-related infrastructure in rural and urban areas; and 2) promoting non-motorized transport and the integration of the bicycle in environmental sustainability policy.  

Based on the feedback from key stakeholders involved in our previous two workshops (held virtually in January and June 2022), we will be hosting our third workshop in February 2023. The workshop will feature three panelists who will engage in discussion about policy development, change and advocacy strategies through bicycle-related social justice work.  We seek to build on the expertise of our panelists, all of whom have experience in producing, shaping and advocating for policy change in relation to one or more of the following areas: participatory planning, informal urban transport, urban and rural mobility and/or accessibility in urban design.

If you are interested in signing up for this workshop, please register



Louise Uchôa | Analyst of Institutional Development, SampaPé! (Brazil)

Brazilian architect and urban planner, MSc in Architecture by Politecnico di Milano. Analyst of Institutional Development at SampaPé!, involved with initiatives that value and raise awareness on the importance of fairer and more walkable cities.

Ingrid Buday | Advocate, Safe and Active Streets (Canada)

Ingrid  is an advocate for safe and active streets and calmer, more peaceful communities by reducing unnecessary noise. She uses GIS tools to collect data and share it with the public to influence change. By working with grassroots organizations, their messages are amplified on a municipal and provincial level for policy change.

Susan Bornstein | Global Director, Institutional Partnerships & Influence | World Bicycle Relief (USA)

Susan is passionate about business solutions to poverty. She leads World Bicycle Relief’s institutional partnerships and influence strategy. Earlier she was Deputy Director at The BOMA Project, working to to end extreme poverty in Africa’s drylands, led strategic partnerships at Land O’ Lakes International Development, and directed program development at TechnoServe.

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