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About This Platform

This is a digital community based on the shared vision of the importance of bicycles in shaping our daily lives, our communities, and our future. 

It is an online hub for resources, a place to connect, and a support network for anyone and everyone using bicycles to promote development goals and general well-being.

Bicycles for development (BFD) is a nascent movement made up of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), corporations, governments, international organizations, and communities promoting and utilizing the bicycle to achieve community, domestic, and international development goals.

Our Vision

A world in which there is a global network of bicycle related organizations and individuals supporting each other in achieving social and economic development goals. 

Our Mission

The Bicycles and Development community platform is the central hub for bicycle and development discussion, innovation, and support. It allows for resources and best practices to be shared globally, partnerships to be forged, and bicycle related stories from around the globe to shared and celebrated.

Who Should Get Involved?

  • Researchers

  • Practitioners/NGOs/Community Organizations

  • Governmental Representatives 

  • Development Agencies

  • Donors

  • Private Sector

  • Media

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