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The Sport, Social Justice & Development Podcast: Episode 7 - Jeanette Steinmann

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Episode Description:

In conversation with Jeannette Steinmann, a PhD student in the sociocultural group in the School of Kinesiolgy at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Jeanette discusses her Master's research that focused on cyclists experiencing homelessness and her PhD research which explores cycling (in)equity and social justice. Her work on the study of bicycles for development in Toronto, Canada is also discussed.


Check out Jeanette's article on Vancouver's Underground Bicycle Economy here

About the podcast: 

Exploratory and in-depth conversations with practitioners, researchers, organizational staff, and participants involved with sport, social justice and development programs. Listen in as we critically explore the utility of sport and other forms of physical activity, recreation, and leisure used around the world for developmental pursuits. Hosted by Lyndsay Hayhurst, Mitch McSweeney, Julia Ferreira Gomes, and Jessica Nachman.


To listen: 

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