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Cidade Tiradentes No Pedal - Documentary Series

Instituto Aro Meiazero and collective Perifa No Rec share their documentary series centred on the "Bikeatona Cidade Tiradentes Project" held to promote mobility and bicycling culture in the marginalized eastern neighbourhood of São Paolo.


Instituto Aro Meiazero is an organization based in Sao Paolo develops social, educational and cultural projects to reduce social inequalities and make cities more resilient. Their mission is to promote change in the way of life of people and cities through the bicycle.

Perifa No Rec is a creative collective located in Cidade Tiradentes, east zone of São Paolo.They are currently working on the project "Us, the bike and the multiple possibilities" a miniseries exploring the relationship between women, bikes and territory.


"Hello, we are the Perifa no REC Productions, a young producer born in 2021 with the aim of creating independent audiovisual productions in the outskirts! Aro60 in May 2022 invited our collective to participate in Cidade Tiradentes no Pedal, to cover the event that had a meeting of cyclists, a lot of exchange of ideas, women teaching other women to pedal, basic mechanics of the bikes and, to finish, a pedal by Av. dos Metalúrgicos.


It was incredible to be part of a choir of cyclists (with almost 50 people) demanding the return of the Ciclofaixa do Metalúrgicos, where residents of the neighborhood used to travel along this route to go study, cheat or meet friends using the bike. Today it's a little more complicated with cars parked where there should be a reserved space for the path of those who pedal!


On the way back from the pedal, we also find a cyclist named Kaylene, a wheeling lover, with just 15 years old, she already shines on the streets, being one of the few girls riding a bike on one wheel, and of course, we took the opportunity to exchange some ideas with her!


For those who want to know more about our production company, we have some videos here on Aro60's YouTube channel and on our channel: Perifa no REC. Also check out the episode of the series "Mina de Quebrada also Pedala!", where we interviewed some women from our neighborhood to describe the relationship of the bike in their lives in a neighborhood where about half of the population is women, and has a high rate of cyclists, but only 3% of those who cycle are women! Gratitude Aro60 for the partnership!"

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