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Bicycles for Development: A Collaborative Digital Story

Bicycles for Development Research Project (2017-2021):

A team of researchers undertook research to explore the BFD movement by:

(1) Conducting interviews with BFD executives and practitioners working in organizations around the world; 

(2) Conducting fieldwork in Nicaragua, Canada, Uganda, India, and South Africa to understand the impact and challenges of bicycle use by diverse populations in local communities associated with the BFD movement.

This video was created by Julia Ferreira Gomes with support and collaboration from Mitchell McSweeney, Jessica Nachman, Janet Otte, Eyul Patrick, Donna Tara Parytci, Lidieth del Socorro Cruz Centeno, Charles Chiu, Alix Aylen, and participants from Union of Hope, Charlie’s Freewheels and Asociación Movimiento de Jóvenes de la Isla de Ometepe.

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